Playing with Point Clouds

Once you have the Kinect Connected, you can play with the data. While there are ways to do this without point clouds, one of the coolest things is to see yourself digitized in real time. It actually isn’t too hard, and when you get it right, you can do things like wave to yourself!


After I started the regular point cloud, I tried some more things… like point clouds with color! Sorry about the vertical format!

Getting my Kinect Connected

Well, that was easy!

I have an old Kinect, and wanted to connected to my new computer. This wasn’t exactly straightforward – since the book “Making Things See” is now 5 years old. Here’s what worked for me (Windows 10 Computer).

Installed Kinect for Windows SDK 1.8.

While the book says that this won’t work with OpenNI, evidently the later version of the SDK took care of this.

I installed OpenNi from this website – but took the advice for the 32 bit version:

It was important to use the version of processing (1.5.1) used in the the book here:

Finally – this one got me for a little bit, I had to install the libraries on my C drive, and not the network folder!

All of that settled… Viola! Depth Image Cloud me and Me!